Bishop Tony Palmer, Rest in Peace

Tony Palmer, biskop inom en evangelikal episkopal grupp med anglikanska och keltiska rötter, och påve Franciskus personlige vän omkom tragiskt i en motorcykelolycka, påkörd av en berusad person. Nedanstående bloggare har mera om Palmer:

Foolishness to the world

Sad news that Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches Bishop Tony Palmer died yesterday after he collided on his motorbike with a drunk driver who apparently had crossed into his lane.  After eight hours of surgery, he succumbed to his injuries.

I was blessed to interview him via Skype from South Africa where he was attending I believe a College of Bishops meeting.  Palmer is the friend of Pope Francis who recorded a greeting from the Holy Father that Palmer brought to a leadership conference for charismatic leaders in Texas last January.

What a lovely young man.  I could see why Pope Francis loved him and called him friend.  I was so looking forward to meeting him at the Fire and Fusion Conference here in Ottawa at the end of April.  The conference will go ahead and I expect it will be spiritually significant.

Here again is a link to the…

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