Papal reformers in Rome this week

3 viktiga arbetsgrupper i Vatikanen för att reformera kurian, reformera ekonomin och för skydd av minderåriga. Bra presentation från CNS

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VATICAN CITY — Three papally-appointed groups working on overhauls of the Roman Curia and specific issues of concern are meeting here this week.

The Council of Cardinals (the so-called C-8, although Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, is pretty much its ninth stable member) was meeting all day Monday to Wednesday, and Pope Francis taking part in the meetings when he could.

The Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, told us the council is gathering the findings from a variety of study groups charged with looking for ways to improve the organizational, administrative and financial workings of the Vatican.

The council currently is looking at the pontifical councils as part of its broader mandate to help Pope Francis revamp and/or streamline the various offices of the Roman Curia. The changes are expected to be radical and overarching, not cosmetic touch-ups, as the pope…

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  1. Agnes skriver:

    Nu kan jag beöva er hlälp för en gångs skull Please, hjäp mig nu.


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