More from Pope Francis’ inflight news conference

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UPDATE: Watch the pope’s discussion on how to stop militant aggression against religious minorities in Iraq in this CNS video:

VATICAN CITY — For those who want even more than what our story yesterday contained, here are a few additional outtakes from Pope Francis’ inflight news conference yesterday:

— On China and being the first pope to receive permission to fly through Chinese airspace:

He said that on the flight to South Korea Aug. 13, “when we were about to enter Chinese airspace, I was in the cockpit with the pilots and one of them showed me the flight log and said, ‘In 10 minutes we will enter Chinese airspace; we must ask authorization. … We always ask, it’s normal to ask every country.’ And I heard how they request authorization, and the response. I witnessed that. And the pilot said, ‘Now we’ll send the telegram,’ but I don’t know…

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