A ”who’s who” look at papal advisers in Rome this week

Lär känna påve Franciskus´kardinalsråd.

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VATICAN CITY — This is a big week with new and old cardinals coming to town for 10 days of meetings and ceremonies.

Pope Francis is meeting, for the third time, with his ”group of eight” Council of Cardinals yesterday, today and tomorrow to help him in his overhaul of the Roman Curia.

The ”Scarlet-G8” also is meeting with the two new commissions the pope created last year to study the Vatican bank as well as help improve the accounting and administrative procedures of all Vatican offices.

So these new commissions won’t get confusing — who they are and what they do — we created an interactive slideshow to walk you through each one. You can zoom in on any names or details with your scroll-wheel. Move the slides forward with the arrow on the gray bar.

Here’s another screen-grab to give you an idea of what’s inside:

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